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Crown Royal Introduces Limited-Release Wine Barrel Finished Whisky

Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished

Fathers are such a special breed. They taught us how to drive, rescued us from creepy bugs in the house, “tried” to keep bad-influence boys at bay… And on game day they conquer the couch and remote control like only a ruler can. 😛

Point blank, fathers are the kings in our lives!

And with Father’s Day quickly approaching, you might be stressing about what to get the man who deserves to be treated like royalty. He should wear the crown this Father’s Day, so why not bestow it upon him? Give the father in your life a gift that he’ll never forget and be knighted Best Royal Servant in all the land. 😀

Crown your king on Father’s Day with none other than Crown Royal’s brand-new, limited release Wine Barrel Finished whisky. Part of their Noble Collection, this blend is truly fit for a king—especially for the Emperor of the Outdoors like my guy. 🙂 This tasty variety is finished in medium toast American oak Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels from California, making it a regal gift for both wine and whisky aficionados alike.

Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished

The caramel and butterscotch flavor is enriched by red grapes and fermented grape leaves, fading into a spicy finish of cloves and anise. Basically, the Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished whisky is the ultimate royal treatment.

Coming in at a noble $59.99 (750 mL), this stately sip is the perfect gift for father’s to enjoy on his throne (which—let’s be honest—is definitely a recliner) while reminiscing on his glory days gone bye bye. 😛

To make his moment even more memorable, you can also upload his portrait to the Crown Royal app, and it’ll produce a fun pic for you both to remember for many Father’s Days to come. Yep, you’ll definitely be promoted to king’s court after this regal gift!

Crown Royal Crown Your Father app

So, this Father’s Day crown His Majesty with nothing but the finest sip this side of the cul-de-sac, er, um… Kingdom. 😉

Go to www.crownyourfather.com and download the Crown Royal “Crown Your Father” app for iOS or Android for a truly royal experience.

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Crown Royal, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I didn’t realize Crown Royal came in brand new different flavors. I don’t drink so I’m not up on all the new flavors. The pic is too cute!

  2. Now this sounds like something my Dad would absolutely love to try, perhaps I need to try and get him a bottle for Fathers’ Day!

  3. That would be a nice gift for dads who drink. It’s such a classy bottle and I’m sure they’d appreciate the flavor.

  4. My dad love Crown Royal. He is getting some for Father’s Day this weekend.

  5. As a Dad, I suppose I be drinking this in thirty years time. I hope my daughter brings me beer as I am still young 😀 😀 😀 But willing to give a new drink a try. 🙂

  6. ooh, this is interesting. I have heard of a few other wine barrel finished liquors and I heard it really adds flavor.

  7. I didn’t know that they had different flavors! Crown is my hubs favorite. Have to check this out.

  8. Crown Royal is one of my grandmas favorites! I had no idea they came in new flavors. I might just have to surprise her with a bottle (or two!).

  9. Im not a big whisky drinker but I know a few people who would love to learn about this. Ill share this post with them!

  10. I remember owning a bunch of these bags when I was younger because my parents drank this a lot. It’s cool that there’s a new flavor!

  11. Definitely grabbing myself a bottle of this for the weekend!!!!! Thanks Nikka

  12. That is such a gorgeous bottle. I don’t drink but I want that bottle it is

  13. This Crown Royal Whiskey would be a nice gift for any occasion, for any person! I am sure my husband would love to receive this, and so would my brother. I might get this for them for Father’s day.

  14. This is the perfect gift idea for my dear old Dad! He loves Crown Royal and would definitely enjoy trying this limited release flavor. Thanks for sharing, babe!

  15. This reminds me of my FIL, that’s his favorite brand when he was still around. Great father’s day gift idea.

  16. Now this sounds like a good gift. I’ve always looked at crown royal as a grown man’s drink. This one sounds really sweet and smooth, I want to try it myself.

  17. I would always give my dad whiskey for Father’s Day and I used to drink whiskey when I was in my 20s, this sounds like a smooth whisky. I need to download this app and crown my husband, hilarious!

  18. I love the bottle. It is cute 😉 . Sounds like a good gift for a Father’s Day.