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“Counter Chic” beauty tips with MiMi J

Once again, Saks 5th Avenue provided the backdrop for another makeup extravaganza by Laura Mercier.

Nikka Shae with makeup artist MiMi J
Nikka Shae with makeup artist MiMi J

Celebrity makeup artist, MiMi J, was on hand to provide tips and tricks for appliqué techniques. MiMi also shared some of her coveted beauty secrets to get that perfect look for the summer.

MiMi had me to empty my makeup bag, of which was choc-full of lip gloss. In case you didn’t know I’m the Connoisseur de Glosse’, which means I know a lil something about lip gloss, AND have probably been through an immeasurable amount of the stuff. So when MiMi went through my makeup bag I thought she was gonna have me committed to rehab because I have so much of the stuff, but she assured me that therapy was not in my immediate future and that the pink and coral colors I had in my stash were in for the season. Wheeeew! That was a close one!

How's this for a makeup collection?
How's this for a makeup collection?


So, thanks to MiMi J I know I’m in line with all the trendy colors for summer, and I also got some new makeup tricks to add to my repertoire. Thanks MiMi! 😀

We also discussed the importance of having a primer and a tinted moisturizer in your makeup stash. The Laura Mercier collection has a great moisturizer that goes on very nice and smooth which is ideal for sensitive skin like mine. I love it!


Laura Mercier Summer makeup
Laura Mercier Summer makeup

MiMi instructed me to cleanse, tone, and moisturize before applying makeup as part of my everyday facial regimen. She also gave me samples of Laura Mercier’s primer; which by the way is NOW a permanent addition to my makeup bag. And speaking of my makeup bag…Thanks to MiMi, it will be on display at the Smithsonian throughout the month of August, so if you’re ever in the DC area you should check out the exhibit. 😀

Drop by the Laura Mercier store in Saks at Lenox Mall and let MiMi J get your makeup bag ready for the season (or the Smithsonian).

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for coming out and keep the lipgloss poppin~ 🙂

  2. You are welcome MiMi!!! I look forward to the next event.