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Coats to Survive a Polar Vortex

Fashionably brought to you by Simon Malls

Coats from right to left: Guess // JCrew // American Eagle

Now that we have gotten a few snowfalls, and the sky is starting to get into its grey phase, it’s time to start bundling up. Every girl needs a staple go-to coat in her closet that is cute but also does the job on those harsh winter days. Above are some of my favorite coats I have seen this season. Each one of them is sure to keep you warm, but also is stylish enough to make you excited to throw it on and take on the snow.

A few tips on picking the perfect coat for you:

  • Look for good quality fabric. There is nothing worse than a good looking jacket with synthetic material that feels like you don’t even have another layer on
  • Go for mid-thigh or knee length jackets. You want a coat that covers your butt because it will one keep more of your body warm and they look good on most body shapes.
  • Pick the right style for your body shape. You are going to need a versatile jacket that can get you through the worst winter days. So pick one that is going to make you look good even when the weather isn’t.

Source: Simon Style Setter