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Buckhead Pizza Co. Offers Interactive Pizza-Making Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to show off your pie-making skills the Buckhead Pizza Co. is the place for you. Beginning in January 2013, the Buckhead Pizza Co. is offering an interactive twist on pizza parties with pizza-making classes at each of their three Atlanta-area locations.

Not your average pizzeria, Buckhead Pizza Co. is bringing the experience of pizza-making to Atlantans with private courses where guests can sample tasty wine, indulge in delicious hors d’oeuvres, and enjoy yummy desserts while taking their passion for pizza to another level.

I had the pleasure of attending this exciting pie-making experience with my family at the restaurants’ Buckhead location, and I must say that we had an absolute blast! Upon entering the restaurant guests were greeted by an impressive buffet of signature hors d’oeuvres featuring a variety of savory bites that were simply deelish! Guests were also treated to a complimentary glass of wine that was definitely a welcomed delight.

Buckhead Pizza Co Pizza-Making Class

After the sampling it was time to try our hand at creating our very own works of pizza art. The spread of ample toppings for the pie-making class featured an array of meats, gourmet toppings, and a host of fresh veggies that would tempt any pie-lover to sneak a bite (or three) before the class even began. Since this was my first experience at pizza-making I was somewhat nervous that my creation would end up looking like a Home-Ec project gone horribly wrong. But to my surprise my pizza turned out pretty good… and most importantly it was edible too. 😀 Believe it or not pizza-making is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, it’s actually rather simple as long as you have the perfect combination of ingredients, sprinkled with a smidgen of technique, and topped off with a heaping helping of creativity. They say, “it’s all about the ingredients” and Buckhead Pizza Co’s use of freshly-made gourmet toppings would make any amateur-chef look like a pro.

Buckhead Pizza Co Pizza-Making Class

So if you’re ready to dazzle your friends at your next dinner party and show everyone why you’re the Lord of Toppings, or the Baroness of Basil, or even the Princess of Pepperoni, then drop by the Buckhead Pizza Co. and schedule a pizza-making class. This is also a great experience for the entire family… Hey, you get to retire your apron (well, at least for a day) and they’ll also learn how to make a new dish! How fab is that!!!

Buckhead Pizza Co Pizza-Making Fun

For more information about Buckhead Pizza Co’s Pizza-Making Classes visit their website, and be sure to follow all of the pizza-making fun on Facebook at /BuckheadPizzaCo, and on Twitter @BuckheadPizzaCo #PizzaPartyATL.

Thanks to Karen Canavan PR for the invite and also to father/son duo Mike & Sean Kelly of Buckhead Pizza Co. for creating such a wonderful experience at the restaurant. We had a blast!

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