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Bon Glaze Does Doughnuts Like You’ve Never Tasted Before

Bon Glaze doughnuts

Meet your newest Glaze Enthusiast; me! I never realized the lengths that it took to get the perfect doughnut, but after being introduced to Bon Glaze, I now know the importance of a thoughtfully “imagineered” doughnut.

Bon Glaze doughnuts

Bon Glaze is a brand new bakery in the Brookleigh Marketplace in Brookhaven, headed by local husband-and-wife team Kelly and Kenny Keith (they also own Kelly’s Cakes). Having lived in St. Petersburg, New Orleans and San Francisco, these two pastry pioneers were on a quest to create the perfect doughnut. After trying all kinds of tastes around the country (sounds like a tough job, right?), they decided what they were looking for just didn’t exist. So they created it: Gourmet doughnut concoctions that are just as delectable as they are beautiful.

Bon Glaze doughnuts Bon Glaze doughnuts

The Keith’s wanted the doughnut to be a delicious experience… And boy, was it mouth-watering! I was lucky enough to be a part of a dozen doughnut tasting, and I want to share the deets with you.

But, before we even get into some of the quirky doughnut flavors, I wanna let you know that Bon Glaze knocked my socks off as soon as they introduced the bacon. Yep – delicious natural, wood-smoked bacon!

In addition to their made-from scratch doughnuts, bon bons, authentic Belgium waffles, and artisan espresso coffees (to name a few of their offerings), Bon Glaze also offers thick-cut bacon by the cup. You can even enjoy your bacon candied or dipped in decadent chocolate! Hello sweet and savory goodness!!! Let’s face it, there’s no comfort craving like yummy bacon, so if you’re going to eat a bunch of bacon, you might as well dredge it in chocolate, am I right?! 😉

Bon Glaze doughnuts

But the bacon was just the beginning. I then got to select my own dozen doughnuts to try. Here’s the breakdown of my picks:

Bon Glaze doughnuts

Yellow Fellers: OK I know it’s hard to eat something so cute, but that’s what they’re made for! These adorable minion-inspired doughnuts were just as tasty as they looked.

Raspberry Glazed: A glazed doughnut with raspberry compote filling, the balance of flavors was perfect.

German Chocolate Cake: I have a new love for German dessert… This chocolate cake concoction featured a German chocolate topping made from scratch. Need I say more?

Strawberries and Crème: This was my favorite, so naturally I chose two 😉 A classic dessert flavor, Bon Glaze took this one to the next level, topping a crème-filled vanilla bean doughnut with vanilla glaze, fresh strawberries, and an airy whipped swirl topping. The double-down was definitely worth it!

Orange Fanta with Pastry Crème: Dontcha, dontcha, wanta Fanta? Even if you’re not sold on the soft drink, you’ll definitely want this – a vanilla bean doughnut filled with pastry crème, topped off with orange Fanta® glaze for just enough zest!

Nanner: It’s exactly what you think it is, but better. This banana glazed doughnut has peanut butter crème filling and peanut butter topping.

Apple Streusel: How they make a classic still taste like a standout, I have no idea… This was a vanilla bean doughnut filled with apples and streusel topping. Ice cream would go great on the side. 😛

Bacon Butterscotch: I told you they liked their bacon here! If you’re adventurous give this sweet and salty one a try – it’s caramel glazed with a mouth-watering candied bacon topping. You’ll never look at bacon the same!

Blueberry Sour Cream: An interesting combination at first, but once you bite in, you realize the blueberry-vanilla glaze is perfection atop the blueberry sour cream doughnut.

Strawberry with Strawberry Chocolate Curls: This beauty was a vanilla bean doughnut with strawberry glaze and the perfect topping – strawberry curls. I wish I would’ve grabbed more!

Cotton Candy: Who would’ve thought of a cotton candy doughnut, right?! This was a yummy glazed vanilla bean doughnut topped with actual cotton candy… And it was amazing!

Bon Glaze doughnuts

Scratch-made daily from all kinds of glazed goodness, Bon Glaze is the perfect place to explore the indulgent side of life. Now do you understand why I call myself a Glaze Enthusiast?

But don’t take my word for it – you’ve got to try em for yourself. Hey, be sure to drop by Bon Glaze and prep your tastebuds for some sweet, sweet satisfaction…but please save a few slices of bacon for me. 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Visit Bon Glaze online at www.bonglaze.com to see their complete menu, or drop by one of their newly opened locations:

Brookleigh Market
3575 Durden Dr
Brookhaven, Ga 30319

Powers Ferry Square
(opening Spring 2016)
3792 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, Ga 30342

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  1. My perfect splurge is a doughnut and chocolate milk. Yes, I must have chocolate milk with doughnuts – no matter the flavour. I would look to sample all of those doughnuts in your box! The German Chocolate looks divine!

  2. The bacon butterscotch doughnut sounds like a match made in heaven to me! I’m kinda glad I live so far away as there is no way I’d be able to resist these!!

  3. They have some great sounding flavors. I love the smell of a good bakery, I could stay in there for hours.

  4. Yum!! I love a good donut, especially cute ones like these. Looks like you got a good sampling!

  5. Oh my goodness, they are mouthwatering. I love the bacon and the silly decorations. It sounds like a fun place!

  6. I am a sucker for donuts…something that I probably got from my Dad because he loves donuts! I will be sure to try to visit Bon Glaze in Brookleigh Marketplace in Brookhaven if I am ever there!

  7. I love donuts, and to combine it with bacon would be heavenly!!! This sounds like the perfect place to grab donuts for the family!

  8. This is the coolest little shop! I’d love to go in with my boyfriend and pick out a few of those donut flavors.

  9. Yelp, I think I’m going to have to make a special trip out to GA because Bon Glaze looks AMAZING! I love doughnuts so much <3

  10. Gah! I can’t decide which one I want first. All I know is that I’m craving a doughnut something fierce right now!

  11. Now I’m having huge donut cravings!! They look so delicious and scrumptious

  12. Omg… this place sounds amazing and also dangerous! We love doughnuts…

  13. Okay I would so go here every day with their bacon and doghnuts. Yummy!!! I really would love to try the bacon butterscotch one because I love both them things. Thanks for sharing this awesomeness.

  14. I’m not normally a donut person but these look amazing!! I see a Strawberry Chocolate in the back that is calling my name!!

  15. I have always loved doughnuts and the smell of a good shop will always draw me in. Even if I don’t eat them I enjoy seeing all of the options they have available!