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Bishops Coffee and Tea is brewing a latte’ of excitement in Atlanta

Let’s be honest… People take their coffee VERY seriously. Don’t believe me? Try asking your coworker how their day is going, while knowing that they hadn’t had their morning Joe to kick start the day.

No rush… I’ll wait.

And while questioning like this typically warrant a “snarl” followed by a reply of “NOT good!!!”, it’s safe to say that a great cup of coffee or tea can set the tone for a much happier day.

Now, I don’t consider myself a “coffee connoisseur” or a “devo-tea” by any means, but, I can appreciate a great brew. You might be thinking… “What’s all the brew-ha about anyways… It’s just coffee.” Well, I dare you to utter those words to a “coffee craver” any time before 6am. Here’s a word of advice before proceeding… Don’t do it!

Nowadays finding a place where you can get a great brew is like spotting Waldo at the Peppermint Lovers Festival… You know he’s out there, but you can’t seem to spot him among the crowd. Aside from coffee and tea shops serving similar sips, many seem to focus on mass production with lots of fluff that leaves you feeling like you’re trapped in a blender of never ending options… when all you really want is a great tasting sip.

Well, I’ve discovered a coffeehouse that adds a latte’ of love to its brew. A place where passion is percolated into every cup. A place where savory sips are the brew du jour, and serving a refreshing and flavor-filled cup is an obsession. A place with a setting that’s just as intimate as their process for making a delicious brew. If you imagined a charming and cozy café filled with the aroma of freshly brewed goodness, well, you’d be seated table-side at Bishops Coffee and Tea.

Bishops Coffee and Tea patio courtyard
Enjoy a savory sip in the patio courtyard
Enjoying a cup of my chocolate coffee crush at Bishops
A cup (or two) of my NEW coffee crush sounds tastes good to me!

Conveniently located just a wonderful whiff away from heaven, Bishops Coffee and Tea is Atlanta’s latest coffee & tea obsession. Bishops offers the perfect pick-me-up that garners a lasting lust for a fabulously tasty latte’. And while the vibe at Bishop’s is everything relaxed and warm, the delight doubles when you taste the product. Bishops Coffee and Tea touts their use of only the purest and finest single origin gourmet beans out there, and the proof is in the pudding – or in this case – the brew! Coffee cravers can choose from gourmet roasted blends such as Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras Estate, Lady B Blend, Mexico Altura, Peru, Queen’s Blend, Sumatra, Tanzania Peaberry and Decaf House Blend.

Bishops Coffee and Tea latte
A “latte” of love in every cup!
Bishops Coffee and Tea blends
Bishops offers a flavorful selection of gourmet blends

And if coffee is not your cup of tea, Bishops has you covered with exactly that – a selection of quality loose-leaf teas to please every palette. Flavors range from Blu, Bombay Chai, Chai Spice, Cinnamon Plum, Coconut Oolong, Dragon Well, Earl Grey & Lavender, Jasmine Pearls Tea, Kuan Yin Oolong, Lover’s Leap, Mango, Moroccan Mint, Rooibos Herbal Tea, Sencha, Silver Needle, Vanilla Mystique, White Peach, and the uplifting I’m Not Sick Tea.

Blueberry cupcake heaven

All of Bishops’ beans are freshly ground and roasted by owner Tionna Bishop, in-house, using an “eco-friendly” electric roasting process. Unique in many ways, Tionna Bishop is in a class of her own…literally. One of the rare female roasters in the coffee industry, Bishop is of both roasting rarity and royalty. Bishop also brings her penchant for pastries to the table with a selection of tasty treats that are all handmade and taste-tested by Bishop and her family. Now who wouldn’t want to be a sibling in that situation?!  🙂  What started as a dream in 2007 quickly became a reality for Bishop whose personality is just as grounded and perky as the brew she prepares. Bishop’s love for coffee began at the ripe age of 13 when she visited Berkeley, California and shared her first cup with her father and grandfather. With lots of encouragement channeled through her passion to make the perfect brew, the rest… as they say… is hot beverage history.

Owner Tionna Bishop roasting Coffee at Bishops Coffee and Tea
A passion for the perfect brew is the recipe for Owner Tionna Bishop

I had the pleasure of attending a private preview at Bishops Coffee and Tea recently and I must say that it was an experience that I (and my tastes buds) will not soon forget. Not only was I treated to one of the finest gourmet blends this side of Blissville, but Bishops blueberry muffin had me feeling like I had just been hugged by an angel. It was sooo delish!

During my visit I asked a patron what brings her to Bishops, and she stated “There’s just something about the quaint, calm and inviting atmosphere here….Oh, and the coffee is amazing!” Well, I’m convinced that every single sip – whether coffee or tea – is just as satisfying as the first time you tasted it. You may even feel inspired to expresso yourself and finally begin writing that novel of yours. Picture yourself cuddled in the corner – with your notes. All that’s missing is a special brew of the best beans around… and just wait for the words to start pouring from your pen!  🙂

Bishops Coffee and Tea has established roots in Florida and Alabama, and I’m thrilled that this exciting new coffeehouse & café has made its way to Atlanta. I will definitely be back for another sip (or three)!!! Oh, and don’t be surprised if you spot me in the courtyard patio, working on my future Best-Seller.  😉

Nikka Shae enjoying a good book at Bishops Coffee and Tea
Channeling my inner novelist  😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Bishops Coffee and Tea is located in the Midtown area of Atlanta at 1540 Monroe Dr NE. Be sure to visit Bishops Coffee and Tea or order online at www.bishopscoffeeandtea.com. And follow all of the flavor-filled fun on Facebook at /BishopsCoffeeAndTea and on Instagram @BishopsCoffeeAndTea.