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Best Spring Beauty Looks

With Fashion Month finished and fashionistas flocking to the mall to find their spring style staples, there’s plenty to be excited about this spring. The trends faring on the fashion side are showing a ton of creativity and fun apparel options. But it’s often true that clothes mean nothing without completing the look with the best beauty tactics. Are you equipped for your go-to hair and makeup looks this spring? If not, it’s OK if you’re a little behind – we’ve rounded up the best (and actually wearable) beauty trends from the runways that will take your outfit from “pretty cool” to ​so chic.

Organized Mess

It’s all about looking like you didn’t try, no matter how much effort you actually put into it. With that said, you’ll want to find a few “coming undone” hairdos that look like they are secure, yet a tad messy. Some favorites include piece-y braids, loopy, low buns and tousled, teased crowns.

Plum and Proper

The year of purple has commenced, and the hue shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to beauty routines. If you can incorporate a pretty plum into any aspect of your beauty look, you’ll be on-trend and feel just the right amount of edgy. Choose lip color, nail polish, or opt for plum-tinted locks.

Negative-Space Nails

Your nails are about to enter into a whole new dimension… and you’re going to love how effortlessly cool they look (again, they still take quite a bit of effort). The negative-space manicure styles feature a half-bare nail and a pop of color often in the shape of a half moon on the cuticle or like an extremely elongated french tip.

Lined Lids

The days of “no-makeup-makeup” are taking the backseat to inked liner. Dramatic eyes were all over the runway with winged, fine lines extending from the top lids. The inkier the better – you want a bold and clean line that won’t slack even after forty winks.