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Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Janie & Jack and Gymboree.

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Spring is synonymous with baby animals. It's a time when life seems to be buzzing now that the cold winter frost, ice, and snow has been melted away by the brilliant warm sunshine of April. It is also a popular time for baby showers, so to save you some valuable time searching for that perfect gift to give this time around, I have chosen to show you my favorites from Janie & Jack and Gymboree at the Fashion Mall at Keystone! 

If you didn't catch the segment on Fox59 Morning Show then you can watch it here.


Shopping for cute kids clothes can be one of the most enjoyable experiences around. Janie & Jack and Gymboree make it easy with well laid out choices easily accessible throughout each store.


When shopping for baby shower gifts, it's good to keep in mind that parents to be will receive a lot of clothing for their newborn. A good idea is to shop for their child in the bigger size ranges such as 9 months to a year. Just keep in mind the season that the child will be in at that time. The outfit below on the left from Gymboree would be perfect to wear in late summer or early fall. The outfit below on the right is a cute boys outfit from Janie & Jack that would be great for spring or even a cooler summer day.


If your friends have opted to wait for a surprise reveal of baby's gender, they make your job a little tougher when it comes to finding the perfect shower gift. But don't worry too much, as there are plenty of gender neutral options. My favorites shown below left is an example of a layette with onesies and accessories that perfectly mix and match to create multiple outfits. The outfit to the right is the perfect gift set for "bringing baby home" and comes complete with reversible one piece, knit hat, blanket, and giraffe soft toy.


Below you'll see the gifts that I've chosen for baby girls. The one on the left is for 9-12 months and the bottom right is for a 3-6 month old. In the top center there are some cute accessories such as a hat, bib, t-shirt, and tights. On the far right you can see the boxed set with a floral jumper and story book. 


Don't forget that many people have registries and while you don't have to buy from the list at that store, it's a good idea to have a look anyway. You can then buy things that you find cute but that they actually may need, a sure sign that your gift will get used and you'll get to see the cute baby in your outfit of choice!

Happy shopping my friends!

Bronte xo

Source: Simon Style Setter