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Atlanta Beauty: Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Lately I’ve been on a breakneck pace. Eight events in three days (yes… that actually just happened). I’ve often been asked…”How do you do it?’ , and, “You must have special powers to keep up your lifestyle.” Well, I can definitely say that I’m no Wonder Woman, although I do own a cute pair of heels that would make any ensemble look super chic. 😉 But the fact is that I do have a very hectic life and I’m often in need of a little lots of rejuvenation and relaxation (a few super powers would also be a nice touch). My biggest nemesis is that there isn’t always enough time in the day to devote to getting my beautification on. And like most women when it comes to the many makeup, beauty, and skincare options out there, it gets to be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Well, I discovered a place just outside ‘Metropolis’ that caters to women’s beauty needs packaged in a luxurious spa experience unlike any other. This utopia of personal pampering is Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare.

Julian Reynolds
Julian Reynolds, Owner + Visionary

Nestled in Town Brookhaven near Atlanta, Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare is the ultimate beauty boutique and spa for women. (Looking over shoulders) It’s rumored that the estheticians at Julian’s are actually super heroes who moonlight as beauty experts while on hiatus from saving the world… Do not repeat that. 😉

The vision of renowned makeup artist Julian Reynolds, Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare focuses on providing a “whole-woman” experience with services encompassing all aspects of beauty from cosmetics to skincare to hair care and make-up. Born in Jamaica, Julian has over 14-years experience in retail cosmetics having worked with top retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue, along with beauty brands such as Dior, L’OREAL, Bobbi Brown, and Khiels. Reynolds has also worked with noted celebrity and beauty spokemodels such as Diana Ross, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Christina Aguilera, and the ‘Divine Miss M’ Bette Midler just to name a few. Reynolds bring his passion, focus, and commitment to make ALL women beautiful.

“At Julian’s, we see the beauty in every woman, and we believe it is our responsibility to serve and educate our customers on the latest cosmetic and skincare product trends.”

Julian’s staff is comprised of professional makeup artists and estheticians with years of experience in the cosmetic and skincare industry.

“Our team is dedicated to educating women on makeup application techniques and skincare products, and to provide them with honest, expert advice. Our goal is to listen to the customer, focus on their needs, and enhance their natural beauty.”

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

In addition to skincare, make-up, and beauty treatments, Julian’s also carries a host of other girly (and manly) goodies such as fragrances, jewelry and accessories.

JC+S Services include:
A vast range of Facial Treatments including European, and Microdermabrasion for both men and women. Lip, Eye, Hand and Décolletage Treatments. Facial Waxing + Tinting, Eyelash Extentions, and professional Full Make-up Applications. See the complete list of services at Julian’s HERE.

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Julian’s carries a smorgasbord of cosmetics and skincare products such as Amazing Cosmetics, Athena Cosmetics, Ellis Faas, Gorgeous, Smashbox, Jouer, Caudalie, Dermalogica, GlamGlow, Kai, Kerstin Florian, Skinceuticals, and many more. See the complete list of products at Julian’s HERE.


Ok, so I spent my Saturday at Julian’s “Pamper-palooza” (as I call it) and my best description of the experience would be like being a kid in a candy store… unsupervised… with the doors locked… from the inside… while wishing the day would never end. My fantastic facial session was ‘performed’ by staff member Dorlisa. And I’m not using the word ‘performed’ lightly either. She literally and simply put on a show! Bravo Dorlisa! Not only was the experience very informative but it was sooo relaxing… my skin felt so heavenly soft and refreshed… like satin kissed by angels tears. 😀

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

After my spa experience I had the absolute pleasure of a full make-up session with the master himself, Julian Reynolds. After having my face skillfully painted and sculpted I’m convinced that Julian is definitely some sort of super hero. Not to mention his utility belt full of beauty and makeup goodies surely gave away his identity. BAAAM! KA-POW!!! 😛

Well, unfortunately my moment of euphoria couldn’t last forever as I had yet another of several events to attend that day (of course). But fret not my friends for as I departed Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare I felt empowered and ready to take on just about anything the day had to offer. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a kitten in a tree somewhere that needs rescuing. 😀

Huge hugs to Julian, Dorlisa, and Nadine for such a wonderful and pleasant experience.

Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Be sure to stop by Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare located at 705 Town Boulevard, Suite R440 in Atlanta, and let these master artisans ‘save the day’.

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