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A “Unique” Approach to Plus Size Fashion

Hey Diva’s,

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE fashion. From the fab styles, to the hot accessories and shoes, you name it… if it’s fashion-related Cupid may wanna stock up on arrows because he’s gonna need plenty of them when it comes muah! Now, being that I’m also a plus-sized diva, it’s often a challenge to find styles for ladies like myself with a few extra and well placed curves. 😀 Finding looks that are not only stylish and trendy AND affordable is like spotting the mythical unicorn; you wanna tell everyone about it but you’re afraid that no one is gonna believe you. And let’s face it; there aren’t many designers out there that can capture the essense of the curvy fashionista, so when I discover a designer (or in this case two) whose styles speaks to my heart, I let Mr. Cupid know that he’s gonna be a little late for dinner with the misses. 😛

Tamikia & Nikia Bell of Unique Sisters Designs
Tamikia & Nikia Bell of Unique Sisters Designs

So just who are these fabulous designers that have captured my fashion-ation? Well, let’s just say that these ladies have taken a very “unique” approach to plus size fashion and delivered it with a fierce bravado that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Unique Sisters Designs, consisting of sister duo Tamikia and Nikia Bell, have definitely stolen my heart and taken it on a journey through Smitten-ville. Founded on the principle of offering plus sized women a fabulous and “unique” alternative to fashion, Unique Sisters Designs creates styles that embody both beauty and confidence, and a whole lot of curvaceous chic! Their custom, limited edition styles merge modern looks with bold ambition creating timeless styles that capture the essence of plus size fashion and delivers it in a way that embodies high style, creativity, and vision.

I had the pleasure of working with these fab divas during CURVES Fashion Week and the Plus Size Fashion Show at CBWW Health & Beauty Expo where they created several custom ensembles for me that made me wanna go and punch in at a time clock cause those pieces were wurkin’ honey! 😉

But, just like finding that fabled unicorn, you have to see it to believe it… So without further ado, check out these haute pics featuring the amazing stylings of Unique Sisters Designs.

Unique Sisters Designs

Unique Sisters Designs

Be sure to visit www.uniquesisters.net to see many more fabulous styles from these amazing ladies.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to tell everyone about your unbelievable discovery! 😉

Unique Sisters Designs

Check out more pics from the Plus Size Fashion Showcase featuring Unique Sisters Designs.

*Photos by A’SPRE Magazine and Auther Rutiff

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