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A Simple Guide for Holiday Gifts for Guys

Fellow Style Mavens!

OK, so let's admit that shopping for the guys in our lives is a hard task. This year, let's look beyond the typical ideas and explore a list of gifts that are just a cut above those personalized socks you got him last year.

Thanks to the wonderful brands at The Fashion Mall at Keystone, we are blessed with a huge selection of items to choose from. Here, I have narrowed it down to 5 stores just for you. After all, who really has time to shop every single store in the mall? So, here you'll find my personally curated selection from the C Wonder Store (yes, they have stuff for guys), Teavana, the Art of Shaving, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Day Furs.


From Saks Fifth Avenue (Above): Why not pamper him with a new fragrance? Or give him a reason to enjoy longer luxurious showers? Or even update his winter wardrobe?

  • Hermes Paris – Terre D’ Hermes gift set ($113)
  • Kiel’s Ultimate man refueling set ($59)
  • Jack Black all over body ($38)
  • Blue, green, & orange money pouch ($198 each)
  • Leather gloves with smart phone fingers ($180)
  • Cashmere scarves ($198)


From The Art of Shaving (Above): Definitely the ultimate pampering session, but also a thoughtful gift for the guy just starting out shaving. Plus they also have some great travel essentials.

  • Lexington collection shave set – features Gillette Fusion ($150)
    • This kit is a great starter kit for men! Comes with everything they need to get the perfect shave.
  • Shave stand that goes with the Lexington Collection ($100)
  • Lavender Travel Kit ($95)

Additionally, Art of Shaving at the Fashion Mall at Keystone offers in-store barber services for men who are interested in a true straight razor shave. Gift cards are also encouraged!


From Teavana (Above): What about some cozy gifts for the holidays, such as the ultimate tea set or a trendy travel mug?

  • Gray & blue stainless steel contour tumblers ($32.95)
  • Ultimate winter gift collection ($69)
    • Great if your man is a tea-lover! This collection comes with several different flavors of tea, plus the tins to keep them fresh.
  • 40 oz. Hobnail Cast Iron ($169.95)
  • Large warmer ($39.95)


From C Wonder (Above): Something fun for a fun-loving guy. If your man has a touch of quirky humor, then these ideas are perfect for him.

  • Gold chevron decanter ($58)
  • King & Queen glasses ($28)
  • Stag shot glasses ($38)         
    • The glasses and decanter are perfect for men who enjoy entertaining guests
  • 2 red plaid mugs ($14 each)
    • Pair with the delicious cocoa set ($20) for a wonderful paired gift
  • Monogrammed cheese tray
  • Buffalo check knife set ($34)

From Day Furs (Above): The amazing "Hook and Albert" Weekender Garment bag. It's a splurge gift, but if your guy is a frequent traveler then this bag is the perfect gift. Watch the video here and you'll know if this is a must have right away!


Hopefully with these ideas, you will find that choosing the perfect gift for the men in your life is easier this year. And knowing that you can find all of this at The Fashion Mall at Keystone, you can have it all accomplished in one stop!

Happy Shopping friends!

Bisous bisous,

Bronte xx