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A Haute Cookie | The hottest dessert bar in Atlanta

A Haute Cookie

Sweet tooths of Atlanta, start doing your happy dance! You are going to fall in LOVE with A Haute Cookie. This luxury cookie bar in Atlanta’s Grant Park district is a gold mine for everything you’ve EVER craved! Edible cookie dough, cookie bars, pies—you name it, you can sink your teeth into it at A Haute Cookie.

A Haute Cookie A Haute Cookie A Haute Cookie A Haute Cookie A Haute Cookie

The “gourmet cookerie” recently opened the dough-ers, and they have been drawing in customers with their mouth-watering offerings ever since. One of my favorite parts about this gourmet cookie bar is that you can customize your own treat exactly to your liking! Can you say #DesignerDough?! You can also customize items such as ice cream sandwiches and cookie cakes. From there, you can choose the dough (red velvet, double chocolate, etc.) and all kinds of add-ins. You want pretzel in your treat? You have it! You want cranberries, M&Ms,  or marshmallows? Go for it! AND, they even offer organic, gluten-free and vegan varieties too so you can wave all your worries away and enjoy a bite (or four) without guilt.

A Haute Cookie

A Haute Cookie A Haute Cookie

Oh, and did I mention their cookies are DELICIOUS? Sorry, I thought it was obvious from the photos. I love when something actually tastes as good as it looks, and that’s the case with A Haute Cookie’s treats. Trust me. The cookies are BOMB.

A Haute Cookie

A Haute Cookie started with Shiana White’s love for homemade chocolate chip cookies. And that same passion for creating a perfectly posh treat is poured into every single morsel.

This place is seriously heaven for those who love the sweeter things in life. 🙂 And it feels like it, too—A Haute Cookie lives up to its name with an impossibly-chic ambiance. From lunch dates to after-dinner dessert, A Haute Cookie is the perfect place to give your inner cookie connoisseur a taste of the haute life. 😛

A Haute Cookie is located inside The Beacon Atlanta at 1039 Grant St SE B17 in Atlanta, GA. Oh, and be sure to tell them Nikka Shae sent ya! 😉

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  1. OMG I’d go into a cookie coma in there LOL. Everything looks absolutely delicious! So many yummy treats.

  2. So many sweet treats. I have to visit this dessert bar. Everything looks so yummy.

  3. Now that is one dangerous place to stay out of. I would want to try everything and take something home of everything.

  4. Oh yes, this is my kind of place. I am all about desserts. Everything here looks incredible.

  5. Customization is such a big thing these days. Of course we all have our preferences and we’d love to infuse some creativity when making our treats! 🙂

  6. What’s not to love about warm, or rather, haute, cookies??? Thanks for the introduction. I’ll be headed there and to The Varsity the next time I am in Atlanta!

  7. The treats looks so amazing. They would be the death of my healthy lifestyle. I totally love that you can customise your treats

  8. Stop it! Stop it right now!! I’m TRYING to cut back on sugar. But this place.. it would break me for sure. There is NOTHING better than a WARM – almost HOT chocolate chip ooey gooey cookie. And this looks like the place to get just that. Im adding this to our list to visit when we go to the braves game over summer

  9. Haute Cookie is definitely a stop I would be making in Atlanta.

  10. I need this place to open in my city. Seriously. It looks amazing, but I don’t know if I could ever choose just one!

  11. I’m a major foodie and A Haute Cookie sounds like a place I’d love. I’ll just have to make sure my stomach is full before visiting.

  12. Holy moly my mouth is watering! those cookies are to die for!! I need them now.

  13. Give me all the cookies! This place looks amazing! The next time I am in Atlanta I will have to be sure to check it out! I can see why it is the hottest dessert bar in Atlanta!