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88 Heidi Crossbody Bag — Sustainable, Designer Style

88 Heidi Crossbody Bag

A purse is much more than storage for your belongings. Especially for those of us who have a slight addiction to fabulous handbags, purses are as instrumental in your outfit as your shoes, if not more so!

It’s hard to find a purse you love. There are so many factors that go into finding a purse that fits your style, your lifestyle, and your budget. For me, convenience is a big one. I love a big, beautiful bag just as much as the next gal, but sometimes the bulky bags get in the way and weigh me down. So when I was introduced to the 88 Heidi Crossbody Bag, I was overjoyed to see that it was convenient as well as chic and durable.

88 Heidi Crossbody Bag

The best part about this crossbody is that it’s not your average satchel. The quality quilting on the vegan leather makes for a much more sophisticated look, and the crossbody chain is striking to say the least! On the inside, there is a pocket specifically made for your smartphone, as well as a zipper to keep everything else safe. I love that it feels like this bag has my best interests in mind.

88 Heidi Crossbody Bag

It definitely helps that it’s adorable and affordable, too! I get so many compliments on this little purse, and people are always so surprised when I tell them how reasonable the price was. If I told you to guess how much this bag costs, how much would you say? $50? $75? Nope! It’s only $34.99. Talk about a total steal!

88 Heidi Crossbody Bag

Sometimes we get so swept up in all the high-end designer names that we forget that there are many skilled designers out there that can make wonderful, high quality products just the same but for a much lower price. That’s the case with 88. Each bag is carefully designed and crafted one-by-one. Another thing to love about this company is that in every aspect of their business, they do what’s best for the environment, even if it’s at a slightly higher cost for them.

It’s do-good mentality that I love the most, and that’s why I like supporting brands like 88. It’s also a huge bonus that the Heidi Crossbody Bag is seriously stunning, makes everyday errands a breeze, looks chic at Spring tea, and was nice to my wallet. It’s a win all around!

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  1. That bag is SUPER cute. I love the bright yellow color. It’s perfect for spring/summer.

  2. I’m loving the price and the color! I’ve been looking for a cross-body bag and I do think I’ve found it. So pretty!

  3. Oh wow that bag is absolutely beautiful – I adore the colours and love that it is sustainable! x

  4. That purse really pops with that dress! I love the way you styled it.

  5. That is so cute. The vegan leather looks great and It’s nice that the price is so affordable.

  6. How cute! I love all the bright colors with your outfit as well.

  7. Oooo I love that bag. It looks really cute with your clothing. Would love to have one too.

  8. This bag and your outfit are perfection. I’m in love with this bag! It can’t believe that 88 is selling it at such an amazing price.

  9. Cute bag. Love the bright color with your dress.

  10. This is a cute handbag. I love how it pops against your dress. I personally don’t think I could do yellow. However, this is the perfect size purse or a bit smaller for me.

  11. I REALLY love your website! That bag is FAB and your welcome photo on your sidebar is FLAWLESS. Amazing! I’m going to work on upgrading my wardrobe. 🙂

  12. I’m a huge fan off 88! This bag is so cute. I love that they are sustainable and support a worthy cause too.

  13. Looks like my kind of purse and the colour is so vibrant and perfect for this time of the year actually all year round