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7 Steps to Discovering Your Celebrity Style at Any Size


Statistics tell us that more than 80% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies, and the problem starts young – 65% of young girls think they are too fat and dabble in dieting at an early age, which begins the dangerous cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Hermes While watching some of your favorite celebrities on television, you may often find yourself thinking, “Wow, I don’t know how she does it; she always looks flawless and amazing.” It may seem as if they wake up that way, but the truth is that most celebrities and public figures have mastered the art of their signature style or have a fashion stylist or image expert on speed dial for their special occasions, red carpet affairs or when it’s time to freshen up their personal brand.

You may not be a celebrity (yet), but here are seven steps to help you discover your celebrity style and look simply flawless for every occasion regardless of what size you are.

1. I dream in color – Wearing color can communicate non-verbal messages of various kinds. The color that is near your face tends to cast either flattering tones or drab shadows, which have the power to make you appear youthful, slender and happy or dull, frumpy and lifeless. Have a Color Analysis performed to determine which colors are your primary colors for the hues in your skin’s undertones.

2. Size doesn’t matter, shape does – When you know what shape you are, you can determine how to flatter your figure. The number inside the apparel doesn’t matter as much as the fit, shape and drape of the garment you have on.

3. Discover your style type – Do you prefer clean lines and cuts without a lot of intricate detailing? Well, your style is probably Conservative. If you love the latest trends and fads, more than likely, your style is Fashion Forward. It’s a lot easier to shop when you understand the primary direction in which you’re going. Being consistent with your style is what helps you to create and develop your personal brand.

4. Mind your trends – Every season, we watch to see what’s new on the runway or what our favorite celebrities will wear next.  I’m guilty too; however, the key to creating your signature style is to invest in your signature items of apparel. Trends fade every season, so the last thing that you want to do is date your wardrobe. Sprinkle a few trends here and there throughout the season. I always say that your closet should only consist of 10% trendy items.

5. Invest in your signature items – A complete wardrobe should consist of a variety of staple pieces. These are the items that tend to get a lot more wear and tear than the other items in your closet, such as a tailored suit, pencil skirt, cashmere sweater, trench coat, etc. I always recommend to my clients that they “invest” in these items. Check specialty and discount department stores for sample sales, trunk sales and clearance sales in off-season to stock up on these items.

6. Mix it up – Get comfortable mixing and matching your suits, accessories, trousers, etc. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box; every single item in your ensemble does not have to match. You will get more bang for your buck by creating various looks from limited pieces. That’s one of the first steps to owning your style.

7. Be realistic about what looks great on you – Trust your gut instincts, wear your clothes, and don’t let them wear you

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