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6 Scents You Need This Spring

Hey SIMONistas!

The long-awaited warmth of springtime is finally shining into existence, and that can only mean one thing: spring cleaning! It’s time to exhale the old and breathe in the new. As you do a closet overhaul, don’t forget one of the most important steps of Spring Cleaning trade-outs – your scent! Below are the fragrances that will bring you out of hibernation once and for all. Well, at least until next winter!

Armani Prive

1. Armani Prive (5.00 – Neiman Marcus)
The details: Strong tangerine and pink pepper make for a nice mix with raspberry, rose absolute, and peony.

Why you want it: You don’t have time to work on your outfit so you want a fragrance to do all the attention-grabbing for you. It’s the lazy-girl’s best-kept scent secret!


Kate Spade Walk On Air​

2. Kate Spade Walk On Air​ (.00 – Kate Spade)
The details: Light floral notes like linden blossom, bergamot, magnolia and more add zest to this scent.

Why you want it: You need a little refresher after 3-for-1’s at happy hour last night, and this airy scent will guide you through a garden of flowers.


Burberry Brit Rhythm

3. Burberry Brit Rhythm (- – Saks Fifth Avenue)
The details: A fruity fusion of orange and lemon combines with jasmine, lilac, amber, and lotus blossom.

Why you want it: With thanks to the citrus-y nature of this scent, you’ll forget all about winter’s frigid freeze and skip straight into summer with arms wide open.


Aerin Rose de Grasse

4. Aerin Rose de Grasse (5.00 – Saks Fifth Avenue)
The details: Handpicked roses from Grasse, Turkey and Bulgaria make this scent classically romantic.

Why you want it: You can’t properly enjoy springtime without an unapologetically floral fragrance, and this feminine pick is a perfect pair for your flowy frock.


Bvlgari Agva Divina
5. Bvlgari Agva Divina (- – Macy’s)
The details: Bergamot orange with pink ginger settles on top of magnolia, beeswax, quince, and ginger.

Why you want it: If you weren’t able to swing a Spring Break this year, the beachy aroma will save your saltless scent and you’ll daydream about the ocean all through the workday.


Elie Saab Limited Edition Resort Collection

6. Elie Saab Limited Edition Resort Collection (.00 – Neiman Marcus)
The details: A harmony of floral and fruity notes of jasmine, cedar amber, mandarin, fig, and orange blossom.

Why you want it: You’ll feel like you’re floating on a dream with this sugary perfume, lending a sweeter smile to yourself and all those around.


You can find the fabulous scents for the season at the shops at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.