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10 Fabulously Unforgettable Fragrances for Fall

It’s officially crisp and cool outside. It’s also time to start shelving those spring floral and citrusy summer-esque fragrances and consider swapping them out for a more season appropriate scent. For those of us who are experiencing summer scent withdrawal, not to fear. The coming of fall doesn’t mean that your choice of perfume has to be dark, woodsy, and musky. Rather, this season’s most popular scents range from light and clean to ones that borrow masculine notes that work well with the female body chemistry. Believe it or not, your scent is tied to what others will most remember you by (and you obviously want to be remembered as the best smelling girl on the block!). So, check out these fabulous fall fragrances that are sure to linger in their minds for quite a while.

Cartier - Baiser Volé
Cartier – Baiser Volé



Cartier  Baiser Volé
Baiser Volé, meaning ‘Stolen Kiss,’ will steal your heart with its essence of lily in a full, rich, floral scent.

$100 for 1.6 ounces; Nordstrom

Vera Wang - Lovestruck Floral Rush
Vera Wang – Lovestruck Floral Rush


Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush
Good luck dodging Cupid’s arrow after a whiff of this beauty. This intoxicating fragrance has a rich layer of pink passion flower and leaves you with a lasting impression with hints of cashmere woods and sheer musk to sweep you off your feet.

$78 for 3.4 ounces; Macy’s



Thierry Mugler - Angel
Thierry Mugler – Angel



Thierry Mugler Angel
One of the season’s hottest scents, this delightful fragrance mingles red berries, praline, and vanilla with hints of pepper and white musk for a sweet and slightly spicy effect.

$98 for 2.7 ounces; Nordstrom

Jessica Simpson - Vintage Bloom
Jessica Simpson – Vintage Bloom



Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom
Inspired by the romantic moments and the scents of meadow flowers in the evening, this bright and youthful scent invites notes of crisp cotton musk and Indian sandalwood to charm and delightfully entice.

$65 for 3.4 ounces; Macy’s

Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay Cologne
Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay Cologne



Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne
A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods.

$110 for 3.4 ounces; Nordstrom


Gucci - Première
Gucci – Première



Gucci Première
GUCCI Première celebrates the star in every woman. Grace sits with attitude, beauty with power. Just as a leading lady graces the red carpet with her couture GUCCI gown, so every woman deserves her GUCCI Première moment.

$105 for 2.5 ounces; Macy’s


Bvlgari - Jasmin Noir L'Essence
Bvlgari – Jasmin Noir L’Essence



Bvlgari Jasmin Noir L’Essence 
With its oriental, floral, woody and musky tone, this classic represents a tribute to extreme sensuality, glamour and sophistication.

$103 for 1.7 ounces; Nordstrom





Luxurious notes are combined to exhibit the ultimate feminine signature in this Show-stopping fragrance that presents a signature all its own.

$75 for 3.4 ounces; Macy’s

Marc Jacobs - Dot
Marc Jacobs – Dot



Marc Jacobs ‘Dot’
If the eye-catchingly adorable bottle doesn’t grab your full attention, the sweet yet sophisticated scent of this happy-go-lucky fragrance will.

$89 for 3.4 ounces; Nordstrom



Jimmy Choo - Parfum
Jimmy Choo – Parfum



Jimmy Choo Parfum 
A sensual and irresistible limited edition for the season, this version is a sumptuous re-mastering of the original fragrance for women who desire a more intense variation of the signature scent.

$150 for 1.3 ounces; Nordstrom


Visit the Macy’s Perfume Store and Nordstrom Perfume Shop to stock up on the hautest scents for fall. With a collection of sassy scents like these, you’re sure to create many lasting memories!

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  1. Girlfriend, I LOVE me some smell good… My mama bought me some samples of Thierry Mugler ~ Angel and that stuff smell so effin’ good it will ave you floating in the clouds!!!!!! I gotta check the others… Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!!!


    1. Me too!!! I have to much..so until I use mine all up, I can get more. We need have have a perfume swap!!! LOL!! I’m not joking!!! 🙂

  2. These all look so yummy! I love Vera Wang 😉

  3. Okay so I see have some more freshness to check out and add to my collection.