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The Los Angeles Fashion Council Launches Online Store with Support from ASOS Marketplace

The Los Angeles Fashion Council was founded in October 2011 to elevate Los Angeles fashion design by creating a platform for presentation on local, national and international levels, as well as by providing education, funding and support.

Whilst the rest of the world thinks we’re all flip-flop-footed, Ed-Hardy-wearing fashion nobodies, those who care – those who spend time in the right crowds – know that there is a fashion scene in Los Angeles that is alive and well and creating some of the most innovative fashion this side of London. Through the work of the council and our tours, such as February’s show room for London Fashion Week, we’re looking to put these talented individuals on the map changing the global perception of Los Angeles whilst evolving our fashion community at home.

With the help of the team at ASOS Marketplace, who visited our London Calling Show Room in the UK and were so enamored with our designers that they waived all “Boutique” fee’s, we’re so excited to be able to give these designers a venue to sell their collections.

Launching today, “Le Shoppe” by Los Angeles Fashion Council, features the work of some of the designers we took to London; Alana Hale, Jen Awad, Curly V, The Bohemian Society by Victor Wilde, Sires Crown Eyewear, Kittinhawk and Bijou Van Ness. The collection also features Los Angeles Fashion Council original t-shirts.

For many of our designers, this is first time their collections have been available at retail, and many pieces are exclusively available through our store.

The photography for our store was shot on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, by Los Angeles Fashion Council Director and Founder, Kelsi Smith. The collections were modeled by some of our best local fashion bloggers from L.A bloggers organization Two Point Oh! LA including, Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life for Alana Hale, Lux Leonard of Lux Likes It for Jen Awad, Chanelle Laurence of The Penelope Times for Curly V, Jenny Wu of Good, Bad and Fab and Peter Adrian of The Hobbyist for The Bohemian Society, Bethany Struble of Snakes Nest for Kittinhawk, Marie Legette of The Curvy Fashionista for Bijou Van Ness and again, Peter and Bethany for Sires Crown Eyewear.

"Le Shoppe" fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Council

"Le Shoppe" fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Council

"Le Shoppe" fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Council

"Le Shoppe" fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Council

"Le Shoppe" fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Council

Behind the scenes of our shoot were local fashion stylist and DIY blogger, Kristen Turner, Carlos Ramirez on make-up and Diana Lomelin on hair.

Los Angeles Fashion Council x Two Point Oh! LA for Le Shoppe with ASOS Marketplace from Kelsi Smith on Vimeo.

“Making this store happen for these designers has truly been a collaborative effort, thanks so much to all the designers, the models, the behind the scenes team and especially the team at ASOS for being a part of our vision” – Kelsi Smith, Los Angeles Fashion Council Director and Founder.

For more information on the Los Angeles Fashion Council and our work please contact:

Kelsi Smith: kelsi@losangelesfashioncouncil.org

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