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Swimsuit Trends: Color Blocking & Neoprene

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Now that the snow is melting (finally), the stores have been stocking their shelfs full of spring styles. And of course our favorite spring item to shop for is in high quantities. Bathing suits are always a hot commodity during this time of year. It is always great to see all the new prints and styles that come in for the upcoming swim suit season. A couple trends I’ve seen on mannequins over and over again are color blocking and neoprene.

 Nordstrom  //  Forever 21  //  Victoria’s Secret


Color blocking has been around for a few seasons now, and I think it works amazingly on bathing suits. Vibrant colors make tan skin pop, and having a few different colors working together will really show off that sexy skin. Also, picking contrasting colors with fun lines and patterns will really give your suit an edge on the beach. My personal favorite color combo? Bright yellows and sea blues. 


Unlike color blocking, neoprene is new on the bathing suit scene, but taking it by storm. Neoprene is synthetic rubber and often used in wetsuits. It can be a little scary at first because neoprene is not a material people have a lot of experience with. Neoprene fits a little more snug than most bathing suits, but if you pick the right size there is nothing to worry about. The great thing about this material is that it is durable and retains its shape, so the sun, sand, and salt water are nothing to fear. Plus, you can feel free to have tons of fun in the sun because this material isn’t going to bunch up or slip off.

Can’t decide which trend you’re feeling more? Try both together!

Source: Simon Style Setter