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Retro in the City


Hey Divas!

In my seemingly endless search for the most fabulous finds on the Internet, one can only imagine how daunting this endeavor can easily become. Finding great accessories that are both stylish and affordable is like trying to find a diamond in the rough. And, in most cases the rough is very very thick. 🙁

So whenever I find that proverbial “needle in a haystack”, I turn my pen into thread and begin to weave the story. 😛

And, as new and exciting things are always surfacing, one has to wonder where to begin and if you will ever find that elusive gem of a find.

Well Divas, I think I may have just found my diamond, in a gem called Retro City Sunglasses.

Now, we’ve all seen those hot shades that the celebs are always caught wearing when they’re “inconspicuously” roaming about town trying to look like “normal” people (queue violin). A few paparazzi shots later and their images are plastered onto every fashion magazine in the newsstand, with everyone clambering to recreate their look, and asking “Where can I get a pair of those fab shades?” Even in their most casual attire, celebs seem to always rock the most expensive accessories around. I don’t know about you, but Gucci and Prada are still slightly out of my budget comfort at the moment….and for the unforeseeable future as well. 😛

So, as I was scouring the Internet looking for cool finds for the Summer that won’t send my wallet into a bottomless cavern, I stumbled onto www.RetroCitySunglasses.com, which offers the hottest shades this side of Polaris (for all my Divas who don’t have their Masters Degree in Astronomy (yet), that name refers to the Sun).

Retro City Sunglasses carries the hottest and most fashionable styles around such as retro wayfarer sunglasses for the trendy Diva, oversized sunglasses if you want to look like a Hollywood starlet, funky aviator style sunglasses for the Diva who soars above the drama, they even carry those cute chain shades that everyone is wearing, AND vintage styled sunglasses that would make Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall blush with envy.

Jihan Shareef, the owner of Retro City Sunglasses, candidly admits “I’m a major sunglasses fiend. If it was retro, I had to have it. If it was funky, it needed to be part of my collection. Most of my closest friends are collectors of funky shades as well and we all realized that there was a serious lack of affordable, funky, retro sunglasses.”

Affordable AND stylish… You definitely won’t need Mr. Big to get a pair of these beauties (Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw!) 😀

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite


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  1. Cute shades! I am definitely a sunglasses girl!!!