Anthropologie x Nordstrom: Dreams Do Come True

Anthropologie x Nordstrom

Any fashionable female knows that Anthropologie is like a mecca for fabulous clothing and homewares. Usually, walking into this store makes us lose our husbands we dragged inside as we get caught up looking at all the gorgeous patterned plates, candles, and other home must-haves calling out to us. (No? Am I the only one who feels a divine beckoning in this store??) Continue Reading…

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New Brookhaven Blow Dry Bar is the Cherry on Top

Cherry Blow Dry Bar

Contributed by Chef Melissa Pelkey-Hass of The Front Porch Gourmet.

I am a chef.

I create deliciously wonderful meals for others, then come home exhausted, covered in olive oil, poultry particles in my hair and unidentified substances covering my clothes.  I live in crocs, chef’s pants, and black tank tops. If you open my closet, that’s pretty much what you’ll see. I eat cold Chef Boyardee straight from the can. With a spork. I hardly ever wear make-up and my hair is in a perpetual ponytail. In every sense of the title, I am true to form. I am a chef.

I say all of this to paint a very clear picture for you. I want you to fully understand the depth of the phone call I received from my good friend Nikka Shae, asking if I would cover a Grand Opening event for her at the Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Brookhaven. If I recall correctly, the call went a little something like this:

“Hey girl, it’s Nikka. I need a favor. I committed to an event and need for you to cover a second event for me if you can make it. It will be SO much fun and you will absolutely LOVE it!” Continue Reading…

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Pattern Play: A Black Panther Movie Tribute

Black Panther Movie Reid Taylor Customs

I get giddy for bright and beautiful patterns. I especially love to pair pretty patterns with unique accessories that work with the pattern to carry a specific theme.

Recently I was invited to attend a pre-screening of the new Marvel Studio’s Black Panther movie (which is uh-mazing btw!) So, I thought what a perfect time to showoff a bold and colorful look with a fabulous African-inspired ensemble. I chose to rock this gorgeous peacock pattern piece that just sings to my soul. Continue Reading…

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Showing Off in the 2017 Mazda CX-5

2017 Mazda CX-5

Fellow Atlantans, can we talk about Snowmageddon ’17 real quick?! You remember…. The snow storm that blew through our city in late 2017 and dumped 12 inches of snow on us!!! And while I had a great time turning snowballs into glowballs , I was a little concerned that the snow might keep me from attending several events I had on the docket.

I mean… We were literally buried under snow for 3 solid days! It was awful, but luckily, timing was on my side. Just before Snowmageddon came rolling in, I was granted the glorious opportunity to test-drive the new-and-improved 2017 Mazda CX-5. And let me tell you, this gorgeous SUV is a total show-off! Continue Reading…