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My Scent Wardrobe from Jo Malone London at Saks

Fashionably brought to you by Simon Malls

Fellow Style Mavens,
Many times we believe in the notion that we should have a signature scent, the one and only and that’s it, always staying loyal and true to the one singular fragrance… but I think that fragrance is part of a person’s style and it should be thought of like your wardrobe. You should find a different scent for each mood and feel you’re wanting to express. After all, don't we all want to be a little mysterious?
With this idea in mind, I’ve wafted my way through the entire collection of Jo Malone London at Saks in The Fashion Mall at Keystone to find and share with you my essentials and I've matched a scent to a classic look in my style book; read on:
T-shirt, casual: soft, subtle, sweet and not overwhelming. A relaxed vibe – Wild Bluebell a dewy, luminous, delicate fragrance by itself or mix with Nectarine Blossom & Honey a Succulent , Sweet, Playful feel.
LBD, party ready: heady and sensual, rich and luxurious. Bergamot adds the sparkle here – Oud & Bergamot a Hypnotic, Mysterious, and Alluring fragrance mix this with Wood Sage and Sea Salt a enwrapping, joyful, Subtle fragrance. 

Suit, serious business: work time needs a straightforward and crisp scent that's fresh and not flirty but Zesty – Wood Sage & Sea Salt or the classic Grapefruit for a citrus pick-me-up!

If you're feeling like you're stuck with a case of the winter blues, then finding a new fragrance or two can be very uplifting and not only for you, but for those around you too! So treat yourself to the new you and find your scent wardrobe at The Fashion Mall at Keystone!
Bisous bisous 
Bronte xx

Source: Simon Style Setter