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Must-Haves from Lush for a Relaxing Bath or Shower

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There’s no doubt that you have a favorite way to bathe and you’re either a bath or a shower kind of person. That being said, I wanted to share with you my top picks from Lush at The Fashion Mall at Keystone in hopes that we might all enjoy both just a little bit more.

If you missed the TV segment on Fox 59 Morning with Ray then you can read all the details below!


Below from left to right: Brightside Bubble bar (.95/ 7oz), Fluffy Egg bath bombs (.95 each), and Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar (.95/ 5.2oz) would all be fun additions to your bath time. These colorful bubble creators are made with natural ingredients and are organic and sustainable where possible.


The Sea Vegetable Soap (shown below) is a seaweed and lime soap that’s sold in blocks of 3.5oz (.95) and priced by weight, so you can take as little or as much as you want. You can scrub in the tub with the invigorating layer of sea salt that sits on the top and cleanse and hydrate your skin all at the same time.


Another favorite of mine, which I think would be perfect for kids that are in the “I don’t need a shower” phase, is the Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly (.95). Packed with fun fruity ingredients like pineapple and oranges, your kids will love this jelly for their shower time and so will you! On the right hand side you’ll see the colorful Shampoo Bars, each with a different property to give you shiny, clean hair. An interesting fact to note is that these bars last longer than the typical bottle of shampoo!


The Great Balls of Bicarb (.95) reusable tube contains a variety of bath bombs and is the perfect introduction to Lush products. The shower gels shown at the front of the image below are available in a variety of fragrances and styles, some even focused toward men’s specific needs!


With products like these that are made from organic fruit and vegetables, fine essential oils, and safe synthetics, taking your next bath or shower could be the best one you have experienced yet! So get your shopping shoes on and head to The Fashion Mall at Keystone to check out Lush today.

Happy Shopping,

Bronte xo

Source: Simon Style Setter