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Must-Have Autumn Accessories

Hey Fashionistas!

Sometimes we get so excited about our new Fall wardrobe that we forget the most important part– The accessories. Your new outfit isn’t complete without wrist candy on your taxi-hailing hand or a scarf around your chilly, bare neck. Here are some of my favorite autumn accessories that will keep your style hot even as the temperature cools.

Stylish Scarves

Stylish Scarves for Fall

(one) Belk – Red Camel Cross Scarf, (two) Tory Burch – Calla Engineered Scarf, (three) Bebe – Ombre Metallic Scarf

A scarf is an age-old technique that’s been used by women over the decades to incorporate both style and functionality. The best thing about scarves is their variety. Depending on the weather or your mood, you can opt for a thicker or thinner material, a neutral or a printed piece. The Tory Burch “Calla Engineered Scarf” (two) is the perfect transition item from Summer to Fall. The pattern and colors and as equally suggestive of both a laid back style and the structured look of Fall.

Jingle Jewels

Jingle Jewels for Fall

(one) House of Harlow 1960 – Leather Station Necklace (Nordstrom), (two) Henri Bendel – Deluxe-Girlfriend-Beaded-Wrap-Bracelet, (three) Tory Burch – Tripp Enamel Ring

Just because you might have long sleeves doesn’t mean you can neglect your poor, naked wrists. In fact, sleeves tend to look really nice next to a great stack of jewels. Not to mention those lonely fingers that need rings. And, oh– Neck without a scarf today? We’ve got something for that. Give your outfit a whole different vibe depending on the jewelry you choose. A statement necklace or ring can go a long way.

Watch Out!

Watch Out Watches for Fall

(one) Bebe – Rhinestone Lace Watch, (two) Shinola – ‘The Birdy’ Bracelet Watch (Nordstrom)

Now, you didn’t think you could have a complete wrist without a watch, did you? Not only are they perfect complements to your bracelet choices, but watches are actually functional. Who doesn’t love functional fashion? You have an actual reason to wear a flashy (or simple) wristwatch– Don’t pass up the opportunity! Check out the totally girly but tastefully badass watch from Bebe (top) and the simply classy timepiece, ‘The Birdy’ by Shinola (bottom).

Happy Hats

Happy Hats for Fall

(one) San Diego Hat – Zip Edge Cloche (Nordstrom), (two) Tory Burch – Moss Cashmere Stitched Pom Pom Hat, (three) Belk – Giovannio Bobby with Bow Hat

Hats are another accessory that exists to help you. We love hats because they add a ton of personality to any outfit. With Fall comes the opportunity to trade in straw fedoras and sun hats for darker colored, classy hats of all shapes and sizes. And lucky for us– Beanies are on-trend if we’re really feeling edgy (or really having a bad hair day!).

Glove Love

Glove Love for Fall

(one) Tory Burch – Marion Glove, (two) Kenneth Cole – Studded Leather Gloves

As the winter months approach, we must dress accordingly. With this being said, your coat and skinnies can only take you so far into the season. We now take the place of your mother and remind you to grab your gloves! Gloves are just another excuse for us to show off our fun personalities, so get creative with your glove choice… The more unique, the better.

Be sure to stop by the shops at Lenox Square & Phipps Plaza to find this season’s must-have accessories.

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