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Mi Casa, Shoe Casa

There are two things in life that always seem to spark my emotions. They are fashion and art. And although these two things are seemingly different, they are actually one in the same. Because without art where would fashion draw inspiration? And, it goes without saying that fashion is art in wearable form. Where an artist paints a masterpiece on canvas a designer stitches, shapes, and sculpts fabric into works of wearable art. And speaking of a fashion masterpiece I discovered some fabulous footwear that draws as much attention as does any art on display. It’s the Santion sandal by Miranda Lambert®.

As if chiseled by the hands of a Roman goddess, the Santion sandal takes gladiator glam to new heights. Blending a supper-strappy design with bold metallic hardware atop a femme fab wedge heel, this uber-chic shoe is as fierce as it is fun. Miranda Lambert’s Santion wedge sandal provides the perfect choice for those looking for a heel with stiletto stature but much more comfortable. It’s trendy, it’s stylish, it’s edgy, and it’s an easy “go to” option for anyday wear.

Santion wedge sandal by Miranda Lambert

So, with art as inspiration and fashion as my muse I decided to style my Santion sandals at the fabulous High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta. The High was showcasing an interactive exhibit on its grounds which served as the perfect backdrop for my Miranda’s at the Museum exposé. This unique interactive setting called Mi Casa, Your Casa features 36 three-dimensional open frames in the shape of a house. The open-framed structures also featured hammocks that provide the perfect escape to kick up your heels after a full day of fabulosity.

Santion wedge sandal by Miranda Lambert - High Museum of Art

So, whether you’re an art connoisseur or fashion aficionado, be sure to visit Off Broadway Shoes and add a pair of priceless Santion wedge sandals to your shoe collection.

The Mi Casa, Your Casa exhibit is on display through November 2, 2014 on the grounds of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

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