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How to Get Your Beauty Rest in Style

Fashionably brought to you by Simon Malls

We all know that catching some z's is the secret to looking fabulous, particularly to keep away those pesky crows feet and even that stubborn extra five pounds that may or may not have been a result of a very festive holiday season. So if the answer is that simple – sleep more and look better – then why is it so incredibly hard to actually do it? As a society, we have all become busier than ever due to both an increase in non-traditional jobs, leaving people juggling multiple roles simultaneously, and with our work lives now penetrating our home lives with the convenience of smart phones and Skype. Today, it's much harder to shut it all down, both literally and figuratively. 

There are a few ways I like to get in the mood for sleepy time, and naturally they involve fashion. Depending on the night, it could be as simple as wearing a sweet and sexy slip or a cute and comfy matching pajama set. An eye mask is necessary for me because I have a husband who likes to fall asleep to the television, so why not make it adorable and fun like this Kate Spade mask? I love to top it all off with a cozy robe and slippers to lounge at home in the early morning hours, sipping coffee and perusing my favorite magazines. Side note: dawn is my favorite time of day because it is the only time this mom gets to enjoy complete silence.

Before sleeping, I make sure to remove all makeup, moisturize, and apply a water mask by Laneige. Water has been found to be the one ingredient lacking in many beauty products, when it is actually what we all need the most! Finally, a little scented Oud oil is an easy way to relax your mind and get you in the zone for some REM time, and coincidentally it is one of the hottest ticket items available in beauty right now.

So if you are looking for gift ideas for your sleep deprived loved ones or for yourself, the easy answer is: get cozy.

1. Oud Oil 2.  Eye Mask 3. Ralph Lauren Pajamas 4. Laneige Water Mask  5. Stella McCartney Camisole 6. J.Crew Slippers 7. Ugg Robe

Source: Simon Style Setter