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Godiva, meet “Go Diva!”

Hey Lovelies, I’ve got some wonderful news… I’ve just been asked by Godiva Chocolates to serve as their Ambassador for Atlanta! (queue excessive patter-clapping) 😀 I can’t wait to bring you all the deelish dish on Godiva’s amazing collection of sweet indulgence and decadent goodness (…just fell into a chocolate induced coma). 😛 So to celebrate I’m going to make a BIG announcement in the coming days so STAY TUNED!!! I promise you don’t want to miss this… #worththewait

Until then, be sure to choc-out Godiva’s latest chocolate lover’s addiction, the Truffle Flights collection… Taste buds, prepare for takeoff!

Live, Love, (more) Chocolate

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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