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Five Textures of Fashion

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Corduroy, flannel, quilting, fur, knits, denim – when it comes to textures in fashion, there’s quite a selection. Mix them up, layer them, and say what’s up to your new style.

It can seem intimidating, but the more you practice playing with fashion and not sticking with the outfits you’ve already planned out, the more comfortable it will feel trying different combinations. Your wardrobe will also get far more mileage. Here are five different fabrics for the season, all of which work well together or separately. Click the image for product details.



Warm, soft, and comfy are the three words that come to mind when you slip these on. They’re thicker than a traditional legging and layer well with a chunky knit.

Spanx at ShopStyle




Who doesn’t love a good sweater or knit scarf? It’s a must for chilly days. Pair with the cord leggings from above and you’ve got a comfy and stylish outfit that others will envy and you’ll never want to take off. Trust me on this.

Hat Attack at ShopStyle




This sew-sweet style is often associated with Chanel. It’s classy and can also be sassy, or mad cool.

Motel at ShopStyle




Warm, casual, a little grungy, and quite practical —  a flannel can be a light jacket or a blouse.

Sandra Ingrish at ShopStyle




This faux variety adds a playful element to outerwear. Throw on some dark shades and get ready to conquer the world. You’re dressed for it.

Topshop at ShopStyle



So which of these styles suit your style? Do tell in the comments below!

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