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Fast, Authentic Fusion Food at Bún Mì

Bún Mì Vietnamese Grill

Foodies have plenty of options these days, but we usually have to choose between quick and affordable or healthy and sustainably sourced. Not so at Bún Mì. This Vietnamese grill gets its name from the country’s traditional vermicelli rice noodle dishes (bún) and baguette sandwiches (bánh mì), and the entrées are split into these two categories, which makes things simple. Each dish is an eco-friendly update that leans into the French origins of those baguettes while focusing on local, sustainable, high-quality ingredients. The result is a fusion of different flavors and a plethora of different options, from fresh shrimp and savory short ribs to vegan and vegetarian options that let the seasoning steal the show.

Bún Mì Vietnamese Grill Bún Mì Vietnamese Grill

Case in point: their Grilled King Mushroom Spring Rolls. I started my meal with this special Bún Mì creation, which marries juicy, seared mushrooms with fresh herbs and veggies, and it’s every bit as flavorful and filling as the grilled lemongrass version I tried next. Order the Grilled Lemongrass Pork Spring Rolls for hints of honey and citrus with your starter, and dip them in a special spring roll dipping sauce that Bún Mì should probably bottle.

Bún Mì Vietnamese Grill

For the main attraction, I went for a namesake sandwich, and seafood was the right choice. My Grilled Garlic Herb Shrimp Bánh Mì was stuffed with fresh jumbo shrimp, grilled and garlicky and delicious, along with a medley of picked carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, and more garlic  in the form of a rich aioli spread. Something tells me their beef and chicken dishes are just as delicious, but I’ll definitely be back soon to find out.

Bún Mì Vietnamese Grill


Bún Mì is located at 2277 Peachtree Rd Suite H in Atlanta, GA.

Huge hugs to the Atlanta Food & Lifestyle Bloggers Society for the invite. The food was amazing!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Disclaimer: Bún Mì compensated my meal in exchange for my opinion, however all thoughts (and drooling) are my own.

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