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Dress for Success with India Hicks

What’s better than a woman who wants other women to succeed? A woman who wants other women to succeed… in style! Meet India Hicks, the British-born, Bahamian-dwelling designer you’ve been waiting for your whole fashionable life.

India Hicks has given the phrase, “dressing for success” a whole new meaning with her enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. How, you ask?

It’s simple. Throughout her life, Hicks had always worked under someone else – created collections for someone else. She decided it was her turn to do something for herself. Soon enough, her brand was launched, offering beautiful handbags, accessories, clutches, fragrances and body care products.

India Hicks India Hicks India Hicks

The latest India Hicks lifestyle collection, London-Harbour Island, is a breath of sweetly salty air – inspired by both her island life in the Bahamas and her English roots (her godfather is the Prince of Wales!). And I got to experience the aesthetic firsthand.

See, Hicks encourages women to cultivate their own success and happiness, just like she did. Through her brand, she invites women to host their own trunk show get-togethers, bringing laughter, fun and fashion all into one.

And that’s exactly what I got to do! By co-hosting a trunk show where my fab friends and fellow fashion-lovers could unite over bites and beetle-emblazoned baubles, I was able to sell chic style and earn credits toward my own India Hicks style file.

Apres Diem Atlanta India Hicks India Hicks India Hicks India Hicks India Hicks

The chic simplicity and understated luxury of India Hicks’ well-crafted collection is what drew me to the brand, and as a trunk show host, I was able to pick out specific products to “work towards.” Then, the more sales I completed, the closer I moved towards owning these delectable designs of my choosing. You receive percentages-off based on your sales – it’s as easy as that!

As a woman who loves hassle-free fashion and a fabulous deal on gorgeous pieces, I have to say that India Hicks just gets me. I love that through the India Hicks style ambassador experience, women are inspired to lift up one another. And that, my friends, is the best deal of all.

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Huge kisses to India Hicks’ Style Ambassador Perrie Tucker for co-hosting such a fabulous affair with me at the uber-chic Apres Diem in Atlanta. My guests and I had a wonderful time! Muah!!!

India Hicks

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