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Crazy for IKEA’s Crayfish Party

IKEA Crayfish Party

I’ve always been a fan of traditions. There is something so special about carrying on a celebration to honor years, decades and, sometimes, centuries past.

It’s like IKEA must have known I had a soft spot for these types of soirees, because they invited me to their Crayfish Party! IKEA holds a Crayfish Party in honor of an old Swedish tradition dating all the way back to the 1800’s, when restrictions were placed on crayfish fishing season.

Tradition has it that in August – the official mark of crayfish fishing season – Swedes celebrate by hosting late summer parties with all kinds of fun favors like crazy paper hats and colorful crayfish-themed bibs.

So, naturally, being that IKEA was founded in Sweden, the store held their own Crayfish Party here at their IKEA Atlanta store, and it was filled with finger-lickin’ fun! With a Nordic menu boasting delicious crayfish (of course!) matched with succulent salads, shrimp-filled hardboiled eggs, salmon with horseradish, breads, Swedish cheeses, meatballs with lingonberries and potatoes, I developed quite the cultural palette.

IKEA Crayfish Party IKEA Crayfish Party IKEA Crayfish Party

I loved getting to taste the tradition of IKEA’s founding country. I even learned a little bit of the language: the Crayfish Party is actually called kräftskiva. Not only did I leave the party with a full stomach, but full of culture, too! 😀

And in case you missed IKEA’s Crayfish Party, you can easily host your own kräftskiva. IKEA makes it super easy to grab all you need, offering crayfish and party accessories to match. So the next time you stop by IKEA to shop for chic furnishing, don’t forget to pick up a party pack so you can celebrate crayfish season the right way!

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