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Atlanta hosts official book launch for “Single in the City, My Passport to Boaz”

MBP Publications Kicks Off Multi-Market Tour For “Single in the City, My Passport to Boaz” By Sabrina Rowe Hosted By Essence and Sister 2 Sister Relationship Experts

Hey Lovelies!

This evening I will be attending the official book launch for Single in the City, ­My Passport to Boaz at the Aurum Lounge in Midtown Atlanta. Penned by the fabulous Sabrina Rowe, beauty guru and personality on Style Network’s Big Rich Atlanta, “­My Passport to Boaz” is a look into a young woman’s journey to finding personal happiness. With the city of Atlanta serving as the ideal backdrop for this single woman’s chronicles, relationship experts Charreah Jackson (Essence Magazine) and Judy ‘Jae” Nash (Sister to Sister Magazine/Star of VH1’s “Tough Love”) will host this candid-conversations-over-cocktails themed affair.

I can’t wait to bring you all of the haute highlights via Instagram, so check out the candid captures below and stay tuned!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

About the Author
Sabrina Rowe is the co-anchor of Tula 2 Nails and a co-star of the television show Big Rich Atlanta on the Style Network.

About MBP Publications
MBP Publications is a pop culture/ progressive entertainment publishing house. Established in 2006 by Random House/ Nikki Turner Presents Author/Founder Monique S. Hall. A New York Times Bestselling Author, Hall used writing as an outlet to overcome tragedy and provides a top tier forum for authors to voice their stories to the world.

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