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10 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself Before the End of 2011

2011 has been a busy and tiring year but it’s not over yet, we still have to get through the most hectic, yet wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you can blink your eyes; next up New Years. So before you have a seasonal panic attack, sit back, relax, have a cup of warm tea and meditate a bit on these 10 ways to reconnect with yourself.

1. Always take a few minutes out of your day for you and you alone, meditate, daydream, paint or whatever suits your fancy

2. Treat yourself. We all have budgets and it is wonderful to stick to them, so do you a favor and be certain to budget in a treat for yourself. It can be something as simple as purchasing your favorite ice cream or as major as stashing a few dollars each month for the diamond tennis bracelet you’ve had your eye on. This helps to prevent you from feeling deprived and possibly binging when you do go shopping.

3. Schedule fun time in. Laughter is good for the soul and helps to keeps us youthful. Try to do something fun at least once a week. Scientific studies have shown that positive emotion builds your emotional capacity to handle adversity and stress, and be more open and creative. If life’s gotten so hectic that you don’t even know what to do for fun, make a game out of trying new things until you find what’s fun for you.

4. Get a hobby. This inspires you to have something to look forward to, gives you peace, satisfaction and joy. If you’re not sure what you enjoy, try a variety of activities until you find your fit.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no. Life can be hectic and chaotic these days for everyone, however don’t let individuals intrude on your “me time” and “family time”. Unfortunately some people will drain you of your time, energy & last dime if you allow them to, being a friend is great but being a doormat is not.

6. Create inspirational phrases that you would like to see come to pass in your life, put them on your bathroom mirror or some place you look at every day. We take in so many negative images on a day to day basis; it is imperative that we speak positively to ourselves and the people and things we encounter. For example: I am a beautiful, successful, talented & loved woman that changes lives.

7. Be sure to get adequate sleep. It’s impossible to feel great about yourself and the world you’re in if you’re sluggish and tired. If you experience insomnia, give yourself down time before going to bed. This means quite time, you may choose to put your thoughts  for the day in a journal, turn off the phones/ televisions or just meditate on calm and soothing thoughts.

8. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise helps to get our heart rates up and energy levels pumped. Get energized, burn some calories and get a great nights’ sleep.

9. Eat properly. Be good to your body and in return your body will be good to you. Cut back on your fast food intake and you’ll notice a difference in your mental health as well as on your scale.

10.  Be productive instead of busy. If you get distracted easily you may find your to-do-list at a standstill. Don’t get overwhelmed by your laundry list, just take your tasks on three at a time. Tackle the first three, then the next three and before you know it your mission list will be complete.

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