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10 Tips to Help You Shop Like a Professional

Save Money, Look Fantabulous, Save Time & Eliminate Clutter in Your Closet

Fall has settled in and it’s almost time to update your winter wardrobe; here are a few tricks of the trade to help you turn your next shopping trip into a fun excursion instead of a daunting task

1. Always do a closet analysis before your shopping excursion. Take note of what you already have and what items are needed to complete your wardrobe. This will keep you from falling prey to the SALE and over-splurging on unnecessary items.

2. Be sure that you feel your best. Nothing wears you out and ruins a shopping trip more than an off-mood or you aren’t feeling well. (You are bound to either dislike everything you try on or even worse … overspend.)

3. Find the perfect shopping buddy who will be honest with you.

4. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

5. Buy items that fit perfectly. The idea is to purchase articles of clothing that flatter body parts that you love, and distract from the places you want to cover up.

6.  Invest in classic, basic items — in basic colors. (You will wear them more often than trendy items that will go out of style with the seasons. Build off of your basics then get into colors.)

7. Buy classic items during off-season to save money, e.g., buy winter items at the end of the season and summer items at the end of the summer season.

8. Limit your trendy purchases to three or four pieces per season. This will eliminate the well-worn cliche, “I don’t have anything to wear.”

9. Don’t forget your accessories; they bring everything together. Shop for them the same way you shop for clothes. (Invest in classics that are sterling silver or gold and then incorporate color.)

10. Only shop with cash or your debit card. This will protect you from creating more debt and you will feel fantabulous about your shopping trip.

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